Monday, November 9, 2009

The twilight zone

I was upstairs yesterday and realized that I have been badly neglecting the second story of my home. You could come for a visit any day of the week and my first floor is almost always presentable, if not pretty much clean and tidy. BUT, venture around the corner and up the stairs, and you have officially entered a different world! Lets just call it The Twilight Zone.

My children are currently sharing a room for the next few months and that is just hopeless. There are clothes, toys, papers, pens, junk strewn about everywhere and there just isn't room for proper organization right now, (which by the way frazzles me every time I walk in there!), so I avoid it at all costs!!

My room, well that is hopeless right now too! I noticed yesterday that my bureaus are three shades lighter than they should be. They haven't faded or anything, it's just the thick coating of dust that has so nicely settled on top and that I have refused to dust, that has made them turn such a lovely shade of grey/brown!

My daughter broke the curtain rods that hang in the double windows right behind my bed and I simply removed them and never bothered to replace the broken rod. So now it looks so dull and drab in there with curtain free windows, but have I done anything to make it look more appealing? No, of course not.

For goodness sake, we have lived here over three years and I have been meaning to paint the trim in there since we bought the house. I even have the trim paint, but have never bothered to commit to just doing it!!! So for now, the walls and the trim all match each other in a nice color of faded, dirty bamboo shoot.

Here are my rules of engagement:

Again, avoid the room at all costs! What does this mean?

Only go in there when absolutely necessary.

My motto - Get in and get out! Don't look around, just look straight down.

Use the living room when you want to lie down and read or relax and watch tv.

When you are feel like you are going to pass out, only then do you go upstairs.

Do NOT turn on the light, climb into bed and off to sleep. Wake up in the morning and flee, never looking back!!!

And as far as using this room in the romance department? Did you here the description I just gave? Did you read the rules?

Yeah, not exactly a place that helps foster the mood if ya know what I mean!

I wasn't planning on writing this, but now, after coming clean, I have decided it is time to do something about the horrors upstairs! It was only going to be a vent post!! (See this is why blogging is so great! It is very therapeutic and helps you to see things more clearly and make changes when there is a need!!)

The rest of this week I am going to be spending my nights turning my upstairs,(especially my bedroom), into a place that I actually want to spend time in again!

Once it is clean and organized I will post some before and after pictures. This way I don't have a choice. What has been written, must be accomplished!!!!!

Ha ha, my new motto! I like that!!

Stay tuned and wish me luck, you have no idea of the task ahead!


  1. Um....have you motivated me?? NO. But thanks for the blog, it was great. HA. No no, I am cleaning weekend by weekend. It sure is nice to know someone else has an upstair like MINE!

  2. Good luck! Cleaning is never fun but when you accomplish your task.....What a great feeling!

  3. Good luck! Cleaning is definitely at the bottom of my list of things to do:) I'm still trying to get motivation to paint the other half of my kitchen....I'll get to it-eventually. Maybe:) Smiles to you:)


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