Thursday, February 4, 2010

A cat story

As I mentioned before in one of my posts here, we own two cats. One we got as a 12 week old kitten and the other we decided to adopt from a shelter last spring.

I always knew that if we were to get a second cat that I would want to adopt from a shelter. (There are sooooo many wonderful animals that have been "dumped" by their owners and are in need of good loving homes.) So I wanted to rescue a deserving kitty. Our vet highly recommended getting a kitten to help our resident cat adjust to the new addition. (It was the hope that she would take it on as her own and mother the new kitten.)

Well after much searching and disappointment we realized that a kitten just wasn't in the cards for us and started looking at young adult cats. The coach has a friend who works at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. If you haven't heard of them, check them out!!! They are an amazing group of people who dedicate their lives to rescuing animals of all kinds.

He ventured in to the city and all on his own picked out what would become our newest addition to our family. She came home several days later after she had been spayed and cleared for adoption.

She weighed barely 6 pounds and you could see her ribs and spine through her fur. (She had been abandoned on the streets of Boston after just having a litter of kittens, which took a toll on her body and why she was so skinny.)

We realized right off the bat why cat experts say that introducing a new cat into a home with a cat already can present a challenge. We kept the two cats separated in different rooms but they could smell and see each other and spent the next several days totally freaked out and "pissy", for lack of a better word. (We didn't realize that by separated, it meant no visual contact. Whoops!!)

We had several accidental escapes leading to several loud, fast paced, and scary cat chases. The coach and I ran wildly after them screaming loud nonsensical sounds and clapping our hands while we chased after them. (We must have looked insanely ridiculous, but this is what we were told to do by the vet if they went after each other to get them to break it up!)

After about a week and a half of cat isolation and gradual introductions the two "girls" finally decided that each other was here to stay and they better just get used to the idea.
Now they are the best of friends and play and frolic around each morning and night! Our resident kitty is still the boss, don't get me wrong, but I think if they suddenly got separated now, they wouldn't know what to do without the other. (Kinda like siblings!)
I wonder how they would take to a dog!
Our newest edition: Shusha
You can see she adjusted quite nicely here!
She has also put on a few pounds since last spring. Check out the tongue sticking out!!
Our resident kitty, Charlotte, named by the athlete, who was reading Charlotte's Web at the time.
Don't let this serious face fool you! This little kitty has got some spunk!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just call me crazy

Tell me I'm NUTS for even entertaining the idea that I have brewing in my wacky little noggin right now!

Tell me to stop before it's too late!

Or what a hassle it will be...

How much will get ruined in my house for the next few years...

How expensive it will be...

That two is enough..

How my life as I know it will be changed forever...

The sleepless nights...

(I bet you were thinking BABY right????) Well people get your head outta the clouds, I'm not that delusional!

Now to continue with my cons;

How my allergies/asthma might suffer...

Go ahead lay it on me!! I don't know if it will help me to reconsider what I'm thinking right now or not, but what the hey, it certainly can't hurt.


A "Cavapoo" puppy.

Not specifically the ones pictured above, but this is what they look like. They are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.
They are usually hypoallergenic and weigh between 5 and 20 pounds full grown depending on what traits it picks up from it's parents. They are great with children and non canine animals. (Which is good for us since we already own two cats.) They are people dogs and love spending time with their family.
Friends of ours got one at Christmas time and I spent some time with her yesterday. Her name is Sophie!!
I'm not going to do anything drastic. I need to talk to the allergist and get retested since I haven't been tested in over 20 years. I know that I have an allergy to dogs, but it is more severe with big dogs. I also have to do a lot of research and thinking on the subject. Maybe even spend some more time with
Sophie to see if and how I react.
So for now, I am secretly pining away for a puppy! Whether or not it comes to a reality? Well we will just have to see!