Monday, November 16, 2009

Not me Monday

It has been a few weeks since I have done a "Not Me Monday" post. I think the fact that MckMama's baby, Stellan had been so sick and she too was not doing her Not Me Monday's, I just didn't feel right about keeping up with tradition.

For any of you that do not follow her blog or are curious about MckMama and her family, you can click on the icon for Not Me Monday, it will take you directly to her blog and you can read all about this amazing woman and her family.

Now that all is well in the MckFamily, I am happy to continue the tradition of the Not Me Mondays!! Hurray!! Back to normal!!

This past week I certainly have not been deliberately neglecting my laundry duties knowing full well that my mother-in-law, (who is living with us temporarily for the next few months), will do ALL my laundry when she gets home from work and leave it for me folded neatly on the laundry table in piles to put away. Nope not me!! That would be taking advantage of the situation and I would never do something like that!

I also did not vent in a certain post here about how the upstairs of my home is severely lacking in tidiness and order, vowing to spend the next week or so cleaning, organizing and repainting my bedroom and realized today that days have gone by and I have not done one thing needed to get my room in order. I guess I should really get on this!!

Yesterday after soccer, I did not unexpectedly have some friends over and seconds before they walked through the door take my hand and quickly dust off the entertainment stand and it's shelves to get the thick layer of dust off! I dust our home on a regular basis and our furniture always has a dust free gleam!!

And finally my most "stellar" moment of the week: Saturday morning I needed to run some errands with the kids. I certainly did not send them out in the pouring rain, telling them to get in the van while I looked for my missing car keys. (The van was locked so they did not proceed to wait for me under the lip of the garage to try and avoid getting soaked.)

After searching an eternity for said car keys and assuming the coach accidentally took them with him when he left that morning, I did not just get the spare house and car key and take off for the morning.

At the third stop of the day, while I was waiting at the drive through teller at the bank, I did not have a complete stranger squeeze in between my car and the teller window, scaring the daylights out of me, and handing me my car keys that were stuck in the back trunk of my van!!!!!!

After realizing this was not some psycho approaching me, the look of shock wore off my face and I did not graciously thank him for returning my missing keys!!!

Now that I have aired my "dirty laundry" for the week, (no pun intended)
It's your turn. I'm telling you give it a try. You will feel so liberated admitting your not the perfect wife or mother that you try sooo hard to be!! Join in the fun!


  1. I hate to laugh but your missing keys is too funny! I would have freaked out if someone had come up to me like that!

  2. I "lost" my keys on top of my SUV one took at least three hours for my hubby to find them! I also NEVER dust off fmy furniture with my hand:)


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