Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our annual hunt for the perfect Christmas tree

So, let me begin by giving you a little back information about our philosophy on Christmas trees. Since the coach and I have been together, (which by the way is almost 11 years, good golly!) We have always had a real Christmas tree. There was only one year that we had no other choice but to have a fake tree because we were moving one week before Christmas so it was either a fake tree or no tree at all, and that my friends would not have gone over well with a very excited 3 1/2 year old at the time!! So much to our dismay we did buy a very cheap, pathetic looking, artificial tree for one year and never again! (Said tree was swiftly donated to the Salvation Army the day after Christmas that year!)

There is nothing better than the smell of fresh pine when you walk through the door. Plus we love the challenge of hunting for our perfect tree! We could buy a perfect shaped artificial tree, but what fun is that? I have plenty of friends that have fake trees and I don't have anything against them, they just aren't for us.

Now that I have established that we are "real" tree folk, let's get down to the nitty gritty about how we come across picking the most amazing tree year after year. (There is a specific process you know!)

The day after Thanksgiving I take out all the Christmas decorations and go to town decorating our home. Then either that Saturday or Sunday we take off and begin the search. The coach and I will walk up and down the rows, children in tow, sizing up the trees. Here and there the coach will sense that a certain tree just might be the one and hold it up for me to evaluate its' potential. I stand there himming and hawing and we move on. Ultimately the coach ends up finding the perfect tree and makes the final decision. Let me tell you, every year he picks out the most devine tree you ever did see. It is always a full and beautifully symmetrical tree. I don't know how he does it year after year!

For years we always went to the same little Christmas tree stand here in town, but when we went out last year so eager to find our tree, we were utterly disappointed to find that he was not set up yet. We didn't want to disappoint the kiddos, so the search continued through several towns until we came to "the place". I could tell that this would be where we would find our tree that year, and for years to come. It is such a family friendly place. Their staff warmly welcome you at the entrance to the farm and offer candy canes! (A big hit with the little ones!) They have over eight varieties of trees at great prices and a charming shop full of beautiful wreaths, and country decorations. They also offer horse drawn carriage rides.
But the biggest hit of all....

I won't tell you about it. I have to simply show you...

This little love made it all worth while!!! And as far as the kids are concerned this is the best place on earth to buy a Christmas tree and in case you can't tell, it has nothing to do with the trees!!


  1. Oh my goodness, that puppy is so cute! Thanks for stopping by. By the way, I've only had to re-snow the window once so far.:) Just to touch up from fogging up.:)

  2. I am so glad that I have a fake tree. it is fun to go and find a tree but it can be hard to find the right on. we put up ours today...visitng from SITs

  3. Oh my word. That is the cutest doggy ever! Wow! So sweet : ). We like real trees too. My husband is pulling for a fake one this year because last year the tree started dying at the end and it was so hard to dispose of. I don't know though. Real is just magical! We will see! Stopping over from SITS this evening!

  4. Oh how I wish we would go back to "real!" I do miss the fun of finding just the right tree, you're so correct.

    But alas, allergies in the house demand a fake one. Darn it.

    LOVE the puppy!!!

    Welcome to SiTS! I hope your Christmas season is full of magic and family fun.

  5. What a sweet puppy face!

    Welcome to the SITS community!


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