Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Six Flags New England Ticket Giveaway!!

Six Flags

We are fortunate to live close enough to visit Six Flags New England  at least once a year.  We started going when the athlete was 3 and little princess was still a baby strolling around in her baby carriage.  You might think they were a little young to visit a place known for it's death-defying roller coasters and such but believe it or not we had a wonderful time back then.  The athlete was happy as could be spending time riding all the rides in Looney Tunes Movie Town and even princess got in on the action, happily splashing about at the edge of the giant wave pool at the water park.  Now they cater even more to a younger crowd with an area called Kidzopolis.

Have any questions or concerns before visiting Six Flags New England for the first time, fret not!  Simply click here for their own Guide to Rides and Attractions, so you can make the most out of your visit.  Or, if your a planner and information seeker like I am, simply visit the Six Flags New England website.  They have all the information you could possibly need to plan an amazing trip for your family.

Of course for the thrill seekers at heart, Six Flags New England has got it all!  From their newest roller coaster Goliath to some good old favorites like Scream.  You won't be disappointed.   Got only one thrill seeker in your family but other kids in your group?  Six Flags New England has got you covered.  They offer something called Parent Swap:


Parents of children under 54” can notify a ride operator they’d like to participate in a Thrill Swap. This allows one parent to stay with the child while the other rides. Then they swap places! Ask any ride operator for more information.
And while we're at it, for the older yet cautious kids, like ahem, my athlete, there are rides that he can handle without permanently scarring him for life.  Every year he proclaims with sincere confidence that he is ready to tackle those big coasters and every year when he sees them in person he very quickly changes his mind!  Ha!  He'll get there one day.  I have a sneaky suspicion that princess will be ready to ride the rails before he is and that might just force him into taking the plunge!  After all, he can't let his little sister one-up him on anything!

He's got one more shot to conquer his roller coaster fears this year.  Courtesy of Six Flags New England our family will be visiting the park one more time this year and you can too!  They have generously donated  a 4 pack of tickets for me to give away to one lucky reader!  These tickets are also good for Fright Fest which runs from September 22 through October 28th.

Want to know how to enter?

It's simple.  All you have to do is leave a comment hear on my blog telling me your favorite ride at Six Flags New England and be sure to leave a valid email address with your comment so I can contact you if you win.

Want extra entries?  Here's how:

*Like my A Boy, A Girl, and Soccer page on Facebook and comment here that you have done it.  1 extra entry

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Winner will be chosen on Friday, August 17th.  Winner will be chosen by and will be contacted by email.  If no response is received with 48hrs a new winner will be chosen.

Disclosure:  I received free passes to Six Flags New England for this post, but the opinions expressed her are entirely my own.  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Are you ready for some SOCCER!!!!!!!

Yes I know that the all familiar phrase shouted out by crazed fans all over America is actually with the word Football and not Soccer, however that's how we roll in this family.

And after a much needed season off for the athlete, he was more than ready for the Annual 3V3 Soccer Tournament hosted here in our town this past weekend.  And believe it or not, I was pretty pumped up to watch some soccer myself!

The princess, she was more concerned about her hot pink tie-dyed uniform shirt that the coach purchased for all his U10 girls.

And my poor hubby, he was going out of his mind trying to figure out how he was going to coordinate coaching 3, yes I said 3, different soccer teams at the same time on Saturday and Sunday.  In all he had 11 games on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.  (Luckily they were only 25 minute games and he had some help from a wonderful friend of ours who also happens to be one of the athlete's town soccer coaches to fill in when he had conflicting games.  Thanks again for that, Pat!)  

Going into it we knew that three teams and 13 games was going to be a handful but with help we figured it was doable, and it would have been had it not be 95 degrees on Saturday with humidity so high they issued a heat advisory for people to stay indoors.


Take it from me, when they issue a heat advisory it's definitely for a reason!

Our first game was princess's team.  They played at 8:30 in the morning.  It was still ridiculous outside but at least there was still some shade on the field.

Here she is looking all pretty in her new uniform and ribbons in her hair. 001

Here are some great action shots of little princess doing her thing on the field, she even scored a goal!


After game 1 and 2, princess was done.  She still had two more games to play but she was down for the count. She had a headache and felt like she was going to throw.  One little girl on her team was over in the bushes doing just that right after game 1 and another little girl who was only a spectator passed out in line waiting for fried dough!

 Hot was an understatement.

The athlete, he's a different breed from princess.  While she likes to play soccer it's not her passion.  She's more concerned about how she looks while she's playing rather than how well she's actually playing. The athlete though, nothing was stopping that kid from playing.  He even agreed to play on a co-ed team with his cousin because his boys team from last year wasn't able to field a team.

Here he is before the start of his first game getting some love from his cousin!  Doesn't he look so thrilled?  And I just love her face in this picture.  She is more than happy to dish out some unwanted love on her cousin!
Not sure if you can make it out in this picture or not but their team name was "The Beauties and the Beasts".  They had three girls and three boys on the team and for this tournament there is a unique team name and uniform contest.  The girls love to try and win every year while usually the boys can't be bothered.  My sister in law came up with the concept.  I thought is was so clever!  (They won the trophy for unique costume by the way!)

Here are some great shots from the athlete's games.  I realized after all this time blogging I have no pictures from any of the athlete's soccer games!  Since the blog name is A Boy, A Girl, and Soccer, it is long overdue!



Thankfully on Sunday there was a nice breeze and not as much sun.  The athlete's team had single elimination playoffs starting at 11am.  They won the first game bringing them to the championship, which I am so proud to say...

THEY WON!!!!!!

Not too shabby considering my kid hasn't played soccer since the winter of last year, my niece is a goalie and there were no goalies in this tournament, and the best part...  the red head in the middle isn't even a soccer player!  She just happens to be a good friend of my niece and the athlete and she's not afraid to try anything.  Way to go you guys!!  You made it totally worth getting heat stroke!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Discount for tickets to KING RICHARD'S FAIRE and signs that summer is coming to an end...

It's August now and for some people like me, this is when I begin dreading the fact that summer is almost over.  I know it doesn't officially end until September 20th, but there is something about August that signals to me that the end of summer is fast approaching.

First off, our long awaited summer vacation to Maine has come and gone.  (It was wonderful and this year we got to share it with some friends!)

Second, all the stores are flooded with back to school supplies and sales.

Third, I have been to said store and stocked up on all necessary school supplies for both the athlete and little princess.  (Which by the way, my 4th grader needed waaaay more things than my 7th grader this year.  What's up with that?)

And last but not least, you start to plan fun activities and outings that only fall can bring.  Like one of my favorites:  King Richard's Faire!

This year I am so excited to be attending for my second time and courtesy of King Richard's Faire I am able to offer all of you a discount on an advance ticket purchase!


Opens Weekends Starting September 1st - October 22nd

**Tickets are good for the following dates only:  September 1,2,3,8,9,15,16,22,23,29 and October 6,8,13,21,22 2012.

Readers may purchase discounted tickets via the KING RICHARD'S FAIRE website at a discount of $4.00 off the regular adult admission of $27.00.

To purchase tickets simply go to

Click "Purchase Tickets" in the right corner

Click "Extreme Tix"

Enter required information 

Enter Promo-code:  boy-girl in appropriate box

Discount will be taken off automatically 

Print out tickets and bring directly to the gate on date of show listed

Who knows, maybe the end of summer won't be so bad afterall!