Saturday, November 14, 2009

Did I just hear that correctly?

Not sure what is going on lately in our house but my two cherubims have been taken over by whirling dervishes!! They are loud, rowdy, hands on, from the time they wake up until the time they sweetly, no scratch that, argue, kick and scream, off to sleep.

They have also decided that our family room and the beautiful, less than a year old sectional, is a superb gymnastics device great for leaps, flips, and bounds. Best of all tackling each other and wrestling about!!

Along with this newly aquired activity comes mud slinging! Some nasty, choice words are being spewed about my home lately and I have just about had it. I am not sure where they originated from and I don't care. Bottom line, Mama is gonna put a stop to it and I mean pronto.

The newest choice tid-bits were shouted from the rooftops this morning and I'm not proud to admit this but hey, I do try to be as honest as possible on hear ya know!!

In the midst of scuffle this morning between the two "wild things" what did I over hear?

The athlete so graciously called his sister a "butt crack"

But wait it gets better!! Sensitive ears turn back now.

Don't say I didn't warn you!!

One last chance to click that little red X in the top right corner of your screen...

OK, here it is for those of you brave enough to venture forward:

My angelic six year old apparently has learned a new slang word and decided it fitting to call her brother,

and this new beautiful little sentiment is none other than...


Yes, you heard me correctly. Not exactly sure how I will be handling this yet, but at least I had a moment to document this lovely exchange while my two potty mouthed children sit upstairs in silence.

What ever happened to terms like "baby" and "stupid". Heck right about now I'd even settle for "jerk"!!

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  1. Ahhh, yes, I can certainly relate. There is wayyyy too much "potty talk" in my Trenches too!


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