Wednesday, November 25, 2009 editing

To all my lovely readers out there, thank you for continuing to visit regularly. Thank you for reading about my wacky world, and leaving comments of encouragement and support.

And lastly, thank you for bearing with me and reading my posts- with bad grammar and sometimes bad writing and all!!

When I write I just go with the flow, then I begin the process of editing. I first spell check, then I re-read and correct, re-read again and make more corrections, and continue this process until I feel it is ready to be published. But no matter how many times I do this, there are always things that could be made better.

Unfortunately for me, I don't find these errors until I walk away from a post and revisit it a few days later.

Then KABLOOWEY!!!!!!

What I thought was a great piece of writing originally, now reads like something a fourth grader threw together!! It amazes me how many corrections I will make to a post when I review them a few days later. I am embarrassed! So again, so sorry for you all to have to read these posts in their draft form!

I'm not saying that you have to go back to each post a few days later to read the "polished" version, I just wanted to let you know that as an english/elementary ed major in college, I am well aware of the writing process and I do my best to fix it!! Maybe as time goes on and I continue my writing I will discover a more effective process, but in the mean time.....

Thanks for understanding!!!


  1. Oh, I can totally relate.
    I submit a post and then realize "shit! this word shouldn't be here!", and submit again.
    i guess this is killing the readers that have me in their RSS Feeders. They have to see the same post about 3 times...

  2. :)

    I type really fast too! No worries!

  3. You are so not alone on this one. I do that same thing.

    Stopped by from SITS to day hi and welcome.

  4. I have the same problem. I get so excited about a post and then go back to read it and am so embarrassed. For some reason today I pulled up one of my very first ones to reread. so bad, I couldn't even believe it was mine.


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