Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yeah.... PG my behind!!

OK, let me just back track a little before I get to the real reason for writing this morning. The athlete came home from school yesterday and it was obvious that he was NOT feeling well. We tried to get through the afternoon, but by dinner time there was no way to deny that he was in fact, sick. (uugh!)

So I heated up some soup, cuddled him up on the couch, and proceeded to look for a movie on demand for all of us to watch. I scrolled through the list of all the PG and G movies.

We do not allow our children to watch PG-13 movies. Why you ask? Because they are 9 and 6 and not 13! That's why! The coach and I feel very strongly about what is age appropriate for our children and we sensor movies accordingly. Oh, and please don't get me wrong, I am not by any means telling other parents out there what they should or should not allow their children to watch, I am simply stating what our beliefs for our own children are on this subject.

And so, this led me to the movie Coraline, which by the way is PG. It was the only one on demand that the athlete and princess had not yet seen. So we all settled in for a relaxing, enjoyable, (so I thought), evening of movie watching.

The movie was definitely bizarre from the beginning. The athlete piped up and said to me, "Um, this movie is really weird, ma!" I told him it was different, but let's give it a shot. It might be really good.

The first alarm bell went off when Coraline goes downstairs to visit her neighbors, two elderly eccentric theatre junkies. One of which has a chest size that is soooo utterly exaggerated that even with clothing on, it is impossible for them NOT to be the only, and I mean only thing that you notice on the television screen. The fact that when she moves around they jiggle up and down and left to right, doesn't help disguise them any better either!

I ignored, to the best of my ability, the monstrosities on the boob tube, pun intended here folks!

But couldn't help hear the tiny giggles coming from the princess who noticed the over-exaggerated body parts as well. I'm pretty sure that had the athlete not been feeling under the weather that this image would have elicited some cracking up on his part too. He's a nine year old boy after all!

The real problem happens when Coraline goes through the tunnel to the alternate world, or a better word might be the fantasy world.

At one point she is directed by her fantasy parents to go downstairs to see the show that the theatre junkies are putting on. When she goes down to their apartment, it has been transformed into a full size theater and the show is about to begin. The curtain opens and up pops one of the elderly women in a mermaid suit. To which Coraline utters to her friend sitting beside her, "She is practically naked!" and they laugh together.

Wait, wait it gets better! After she performs the curtain closes and reopens, up pops balloon lady, you remember her right? The one with the mammoth maracas?

What is she wearing you ask?

Nothing but turquoise star pasties and a thong!

What was she doing while wearing nothing but pasties and a thong you ask?

Twirling and spinning, jumping and leaping, singing and dancing around the stage. It looked like a scene from an adult entertainment film gone perversely wrong!


I was actually thinking something much worse, but I am trying to write appropriately.

I think at that moment my eyes literally bugged out of my head and before I had a chance to process what was being permanently burned into my retinas, the laughter rose up and exploded from two small children sitting in the room.

The coach looked up from the computer and muttered something under his breath then started yelling, "change this crap, change it, change it!!!!".

I jumped up and began fervently looking for the remote control, which I couldn't find fast enough because it was hidden in the mounds of blankets that we had been covered in.

Finally I simply ran for the tv and shut it off manually. All this while the athlete and princess whooped and hollered and screamed hysterically about how funny that old woman looked. The athlete then proceeded to tell me just how "inappropriate that movie was and that we certainly should not turn it back on". Ya think?!!!

Now, I have to ask, On what planet is a fully naked woman, young or old, with nothing but pasties and a thong on, appropriate for children under the age of 13? I certainly don't think children should be exposed to a scene like that, do you? Maybe I'm in the minority, maybe I'm not. That is why I had to blog about this. Aparently I am back to screening movies first before allowing my children to see a film because I can not trust the rating system for films any longer.

I need to know where other people stand on this issue.

Has anyone else seen this movie, with or without their children?

What do you think about the scene I so artfully depicted for you all here?

For those of you whose children have seen the film, what were their reactions?

Below this post is a comment section, for all you moms out there, Please feel free to weigh in on the subject! I am dying to here what you all think!

In case you can not tell this really has me in huff!


  1. Well I am so glad that you let us know about Coraline! When the movie first came out we were thinking of seeing it.....then we watched the trailer!!!! Have you seen it? It was so scary looking that I was even a little freaked out!!! My boys refuse to see the movie(thats how freaky it looked!) but at least my curiousity about it is now put to rest.....thanks ;)

  2. I have not seen the move so I did a little searching to find Miss Forcible in her lack of outfit. I was very surprised at the picture I found. Not OK for PG.

  3. Well, it will be like this until parents stand up and do something about it. I hate when cartoon movies do this too, but so many parents are flippant(sp?) about stuff anymore. They say we are being too strict, so until the population catches on with our thinking, the movies are not going to change much.

  4. Thanks for the warning - we will SO not be watching this in my Trenches!

  5. Wow, I had no idea! I have been wanting to see this movie with my kids and now I have to say no way. Thanks for the review.

  6. I did see the movie and was very disappointed as well. I agree with you - it's not a PG movie. I was also not happy with the alternate worlds, etc. It was also spooky, as my kids would say. 2 Thumbs down.

    However, one movie was a pleasant surprise - The movie UP. It was such a sweet movie. xox

    Passing by from SITS. xox

  7. Good to know! I am pretty strict about what my girls watch, and even some of the rated G movies have questionable content. Thanks for the review.

  8. I agree with you!! I watched this with my fiance and 8-yr old soon-to-be stepson, and I was horrified at that scene! The entire movie was very spooky and if I had watched it when I was a child, I would have had nightmares for months. This film is NOT PG by any stretch!

    I had a similar experience when I went back to watch an old favorite movie of mine. I had enjoyed this movie since childhood. Heck, the first time I saw it, I think I was 4 or 5. You remember, I'm sure... Short Circuit! Cute little Johnny #5??? Well, I watched the first one with an 8 year old, and I had to keep telling him not to pay attention to the foul language. Then, I watched part of the second one and turned it off right away when a scene from a strip club came on and in the background is a woman dancing fully naked!! I never remembered that scene being in that movie, but it was! I immediately shut the movie off and was HORRIFIED that the movie landed a PG rating even in the 80's!

    Lastly, my fiance and I took his son to see Transformers 2. PG-13, yes, but we didn't expect it to be a bad PG-13 since they market so much about the Transformers to children (eg., McD's Happy Meals) So there we are watching it, and I could hardly sit through the first 20 minutes. I wanted to get up and leave. Not only was the leading actress solely there to pose for pin-up after pin-up scenes, but there was so much sensuality and foul language throughout the whole movie NO PARENT should allow his/her kid to see it!

    I hate how Hollywood tries to test the water and if anything is tasteless or offensive, they slap it with the label "artistic" and suddenly the offended shut up! I don't think that there should be any shutting up here. PG should remain PG and PG-13 should not be Rated R!!!

  9. My young children have not been allowed to watch "Coraline" and the older children in my home (over the age of 13) saw it at the theater and commented on how parents should not have brought their young childre to view it. That was their only comment on the matter and I have not seen the movie myself.

    I too do not allow the children in my home to watch movies beyond their age range. I also try to make sure and check out (quite extensive) movie reviews at the "Focus on the Family" website ( before hand so I know what to expect and which children in my household should be permitted to watch which movies.

    Now you've sparked an interest in me to go read the review of "Coraline". :)

    I'm glad I decided to drop by from SITS to say, "hello". It's nice to "meet" you. I'll add your site to my "follow" list. Happy Friday and best wishes in the new year.

    Kindest regards,

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