Monday, October 5, 2009

I swore I'd never be a soccer mom...

Come on you all know what I'm talking about, back in the pre-parent days, when you thought you knew it all and were sure of the kind of parent you would or would not be.

Don't kid yourself we have all been there and done that! We can all recall a place or time when we have witnessed some poor mother struggling with what seems like a possessed child in a grocery store or restaurant and thought to ourselves... "I will never let my child behave like that in public. Doesn't she know how to control her child?" And, along with these inner thoughts we managed to make sure we expressed our utter disgust for that poor mother with a clear look of utter disdain!

If that has never happened to you, well than, I guess you are a better person than me. I for one had my mothering beliefs all planned out before my two little ones were even a blip on the radar. Me being a college graduate in elementary education, and having worked with children of all ages for over 15 years, thought I had it all wrapped up.

Boy was I wrong. Here is a quick brainstorm of just some of the things that I swore I would never do, (remember these are all pre-baby days!)

1. Never allow a temper tantrum in the grocery store, ha, ha, yeah right, I just strapped them
tighter so they couldn't fall out of the carriage and kept right on shopping!

2. Only allow 1 hour of television per day, (yeah, blew that one right out of the water during the
preschool years.) Love, love, love, noggin on demand!!!

3. Allow my baby/child to sleep in my bed. It's amazing what you will give in too when you
haven't had a good night sleep since you brought your first born home from the hospital!

4. Drive a mini-van. Yes, I drive a mom-mobile! Let's just say I love mine and would be lost
without it.

5. Bribe my children when I REALLY need them to behave. I am not proud to admit this one,
but hey, we are being honest here right?

6. Never lose my temper with my children. I have come to the conclusion that as a mom, there
are times when it is just not possible to remain polite and poised. I confess there have been
times when I have locked myself in a bathroom to take a mental break.

7. And of course, if you had asked me what my opinion of soccer mom's were when I was a
know-it-all young adult, I would have laughed out loud and said something along the lines
of... "ah, yeah, I don't think so!"

What were your pre-baby/child no no's? Come on, be honest now!!

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  1. there is nothing like hearing a teacher's take on parenthood. i am also a teacher with no kids yet but have heard from many coworkers that have shocked themselves with their mom conversions... i wonder if we teachers get it worse...teacher karma lol


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