Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dang, dang, dang it, the flu has hit!!

Well, it's official!! The athlete has the FLU and also full blown pneumonia, which is a complication from the FLU!

Dang, dang, and more dang it!!! I am kicking myself right now and I have just awarded myself the worst mother of the year award. Apparently that bout of sickness that infected our home last Wednesday was actually the flu and I didn't realize what it was. I did take him in for a throat culture though, because he was presenting all the symptoms of strep.

The culture came back negative, and he seemed to be improving over the next few days. The fever broke, his energy level came back up, but he seemed to come down with a cold after the fever went away.

I sent him to school yesterday and the day before, HECK, I even let him play in his soccer game on Saturday and go to practice Tuesday night!!! (Yup, I am an awesome mom!!)

He got off the bus yesterday and looked like death warmed over and I knew he was burning up. His temp was 104.2!!!!! The heat was radiating off of his body and you could feel it from 3 inches away!!

Holy panic attack moment!!! Luckily the coach was home early from work and took him immediately to the pediatrician, (I still had daycare children here or else I would have taken him myself), where they then confirmed that he has had the flu all along since last Wednesday and has now developed pneumonia from the flu!

Poor baby, I have never seen him so sick in all his life. I was actually scared for him last night and I gotta tell ya, it is a horrible feeling.

I felt so helpless and angry. I wanted to be able to take his pain away and make it better. I paced around my house wondering what was happening at the doctors and if the coach made sure to tell the pediatrician EVERYTHING I told him to tell her!!

So now it's a waiting and resting game. Lots of fluids, even more rest, and antibiotics for the pneumonia. Hopefully we will see some improvement now. But it still doesn't take away the guilt I feel :(


  1. Pneumonia is no fun. When I had it I needed a 2nd round of antibiotics to get rid of it completely.

  2. Hope you have your Lysol handy! Don't forget to wipe down light switches, doorknobs, the remotes and the phones!
    Sickness stinks.


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