Saturday, October 17, 2009

Plain and Simple

Today I am tired. Plain and Simple. I am sick of my kids being sick. I hate seeing them this way. The tired, glassy eyes, the endless coughing, the fevers that keep coming and going. And of course, the constant worry of a mother wishing she could make them all better.

I've realized that it doesn't matter what age your child is, you still worry when they get sick. You still try to do everything you can to make them well. Your heart still aches for your children when they break down and cry in your arms because they just don't feel well, Plain and Simple.

You go into overdrive and mother 24/7. During the day you snuggle, you soothe, you fetch drinks and meds. You rub tummies and wipe noses, you tell them you love them when they tell you they hurt. Plain and Simple.

The endless nights, you must mentally prepare for. You do your best to get some rest with little ones in your bed. You constantly wake, checking for fevers, administering meds, giving drinks , and blowing noses. You watch cartoons in the middle of the night, or lay there and watch the minutes tick by on the alarm clock. You give in to exhaustion and shut your eyes, but continue listening to the sniffles, the coughing, the wheezing.

It's impossible to sleep through that. You feel guilty about wishing you could sleep.

But how can you, when your little ones lay awake coughing and crying because their head and body ache. You rub them and soothe them no matter how tired you are. Sleep is not allowed on nights like this. Plain and Simple.

I want my kids to feel better.

I am sick of the sickness that lingers in my home.

Plain and Simple

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