Saturday, October 31, 2009

Off to the Races

Goodness gracious, it's Saturday morning, the ONE day out of the week that I can sleep in and not force myself to wake up when the alarm so rudely alerts me it's time!! So why then have I been awake since 5:15am????

Silly as it sounds I think there are two reasons why. Are ya' ready for this...

1. I woke up stressing about a book report that the athlete has put little to no time into over the last 3 weeks since it was assigned, (granted this is also my fault!). He got off to a rockin start and read the book in it's entirety over two days, but his enthusiasm quickly fizzled out when he had to actually start writing the report. No surprise there though!! That is the normal trend for him.

So now over the next two days he needs to write the report, design a game centered around his book, create a cereal with a theme from his book, and write and memorize a commercial to present to his class on Monday, selling his new cereal.

All this has to be done this weekend in between ALL OF THIS....

10:15am - Athlete's soccer game

11:00 -Princess's soccer game

2:00 -4:00pm - Attend a friends birthday party

5:00pm -Trick or Treating, which by the way I still have not gotten a costume for my son, and it is REALLY bothering me! (So add another hour or so on the schedule to shop for a costume.) I feel terrible about this. It has never happened to us before. I am always on the ball with Halloween and my kids have had their costumes for weeks. Up until last night the princess was costumeless (is that even a word?) too! Luckily my sister-in-law who has 4 children, graciously let us go over last night and try on all the costumes she has saved up over the years. She is a VERY smart mom!! We found a winner and I got one out of two down!!

This by the way is the second reason I woke so early on my one day to sleep in! I feel bad about dropping the ball this year! I really hope we are able to find the athlete a costume and that the stores are not sold out of everything! Otherwise I will be left getting very creative with some felt, pipecleaners, boxes, and anything else I can get my hands on, fashioning a do it yourself costume! (This will not be pretty, I might add, so let's just hope we don't get to this point ok?)

Alright, rant over back to our crazy weekend and book report finishing!!


9:00am -Sunday school

10:00am -Church

1:00pm till who knows -Nephew's birthday party

Soooo somewhere in between all this craziness we will also be writing, coloring, designing, gluing, and memorizing a book report due first thing Monday morning.

On Your Mark, Get Set, GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow! You're a busy lady! Hopefuly life will slow down for you a bit:)


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