Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend recap... Alternately titled Karma's a b*#%*!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring vacation week and had a lovely Easter holiday.  Our Easter didn't turn out exactly as planned.

We were suppose to be traveling to my parents for the day and spending time with my brother and grandmother who is 85 years old, (bless her soul!).  But on Thursday afternoon things started going downhill.

The athlete was coughing up a storm and actually asking to use his inhaler, (this was a sign that something was brewing because if you knew him in real life you would know that I have to hound him to take his asthma meds).  Upon listening to him he was wheezing up a storm, so off to the docs we went.  We were told he had bronchitis and he was put on antibiotics.

Ok, close call, he'll be fine for Easter Sunday, no change of plans.

Friday morning, head to the docs again, this time with the princess who spent the night in my bed with an unceasing cough and now sounds like she is coughing up her lungs.  After a few deep breaths and a close ear listening through the stethoscope I learn she has pneumonia in her upper right lung.  Meds are prescribed and we are on our merry way.

We forgo a birthday party for a friend that we were supposed to be attending.  I didn't need her infecting a room full of twenty something children with a contagious infection 2 days before Easter.  (The thought of being hunted down by a herd of angry moms for ruining their holiday plans didn't sound too appealing to me.)  

We decide to go to the movies instead and see "Hop".  Now in hindsight I realize that skipping a birthday party was the right thing to do with a contagious child and that heading to a movie theater where there were probably a couple hundred people in close proximity to us was definitely NOT the right thing to do. (I know this is terrible, but I thought to myself, "well what the hell, at least  I don't know these people!"  Isn't that awful of me?  That was a "shithead" move.  That's what I say about others when they do something completely selfish and don't consider the welfare of others.  Fits the bill doesn't it?)

Karma came around and bit me in the ass on Saturday.  I woke up with one hell of a chest cold and spent the day taking nebulizer treatments on the couch and sleeping, and I mean ALL day.  What a waste.  At 5pm that night we made the decision going to my parents the next morning was not wise.  I couldn't risk the health of my grandmother who probably had no immunities to whatever the hell it was that I had.  (Again, what goes around comes around!)

We did manage to get our Easter eggs colored before bed on Sat. night.  Here's some cute shots of that...

 Not sure if you can see it in this shot, but the princess had applied her own lipstick before coloring the eggs.  In her opinion you should always look your best no matter what the occasion!

 Look at the amazing concentration on these guys!

 Right before he gave up and started painting with his fingers

Princess informs me, "You gotta have a golden egg mom!" 
Better shot of her stained lips

 Bright, bold, and sassy!

Understated soft elegance.

 Their egg decorating matches their personalities!  Can you guess whose is whose? 

I was feeling a tad bit better on Sunday morning so we went out to breakfast.  (The kids had been on meds for over 3 days so they were no longer contagious, don't worry!)  I was still pretty run down and didn't have any Easter type food in the house, so I said "screw it we're having italian", and made an amazing baked ziti with sausage and spinach for our afternoon dinner.

On the bright side, it was beautiful here yesterday and the kids played outside all afternoon.  I did some much needed laundry and cleaning, tuckered myself out and fell asleep, again, on the couch at 3 in the afternoon!

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  1. Your eggs are beautiful! And who's to say? I bet in Italy baked Ziti is considered "Easter type food".


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