Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend recap...

Our weekend officially starts at 5:01pm or sooner depending on what time my last daycare child gets picked up. Then we resume our regular family life.  Woo hoo!!

And, it's April vacation week around these parts which means a totally laid back week for Mama!!  No early morning wake up calls for the athlete, no rushing around to make buses.  The kids can do as they please.  I just have to be up and ready for daycare.  Even my days start a little later this week because 3 of my daycare children belong to teachers and they are off all week too!  So yay for lower numbered days and for sleeping in.  Even if it's only a half an hour!

This past Friday night was a whirlwind of activity.  The princess had a birthday party at 5:30pm which I totally dropped the ball on and forgot to get a present for.  So at 5:10 we rushed out the door to get a gift, and I dropped her off at the party a fashionably ten minutes late!

Next stop off to get some Lent friendly dinner for the rest of us, then dropped the athlete off at home with the coach and proceeded to go shopping for some much needed attire.

Before you think, oh fun, alone shopping time,  STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!

I was shopping for some new bras for myself, I outgrew the old ones, how depressing.  And I needed to get the athlete a cup and jockstrap for baseball.  (The hubs was too tired to go out again, and as much as I begged and pleaded that this wasn't my department, I had to get it since I was going out anyway.)

I learned quite a bit during my shopping trip at Dick's Sporting Goods.  The nice lady gave me a tutorial of sorts, ha ha ha. I found it quite amusing!  I ended up buying these really cool things called Compression Shorts.  They are kind of a combo of nylon/spandex boxer briefs, with extra padding on the hips for when they slide into a base, and and insert for a cup.  How cool is that?  You learn something new everyday I tell ya.  Mission accomplished.  Mama did good!

We won't even get into detail about the bra shopping.  Suffice to say, I went, I shopped, I tried on, I cried, I found a new size, I tried on, I bought.  I left feeling none to happy. Enough about that, time to move on...

Started off Saturday freezing my rootin' tootin' rear end off for TWO hours at the opening day baseball game for the athlete while the coach took the princess to her first soccer game of the season.  Both teams won.

The athlete in full uniform
(Here he is in full uniform, how handsome is he?  I know shameless mom brag, but whatever!)

Sunday I took the plunge again and went to my first Weight Watchers meeting and left the house at 7:30am.  I faced the music on the scale, stayed for the meeting and learned all about the new program.  Left feeling pretty good.  Followed that up with a really nice family walk and then went over to my brother-in-laws for the afternoon.  The kids played, the adults schmoozed and cooked on the grill.  (I had a veggie burger, no steak tips for me, just in case you were wondering.)

All in all it was a pretty good weekend.

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  1. Sounds like fun, hope you have a great vacation week!


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