Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome New Friends!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Hey everyone!  Welcome to Ultimate Blog Party 2011!  This is my first year participating and I wish I had found out about this sooner.  It's a chance to come together and meet hundreds of fabulous people who are out and about in this thing we call the BLOGOSPHERE!!  Looking for some great new blogs to check out?  Look now further.  Want to increase your exposure?  Stop on by and link up!  All brought to you by two twin sisters who write 5Minutes for  How awesome are they!!

Want to win some fabulous prizes stop on by and check out all they have to offer.  It's a win, win for everyone!!

So for everyone out there who doesn't know who I am,  here's a little more about me and my life:

My name is Theresa, known around these parts as Beenomom!   I am so blessed to call myself a wife to my wonderful soulmate of 10 years, 9the coach) and also a mother of two, ( the athlete and the princess). I have the best of both worlds. I work out of my home full time running a family daycare, and have been home with my children since they were born. I am an avid reader, blogger, and watcher/cheerleader for my children during their sporting events. I love spending my free time with the ones who matter most: family and friends. I am far from perfect and could spent much more time cleaning and organizing my home, but what fun is that? I prefer spending my time making memories with my husband and kids!

I started blogging after being introduced to it by a friend who also blogs.  I tried it out skeptically and became addicted.   Blogging is a creative outlet for me and helps keep me sane. It's one of the ways I stay  connected to the outside world even though I work from home.  I have met a lot of new friends through blogging, and can't wait to meet more!  

Now what are YOU waiting for?  Go on over to  and let the party begin!!!


  1. Hi Theresa! So nice to meet you! This is my first UBP.. I just started blogging in March. Loving it! I too have an athlete and a princess at home. Love having a boy and girl:) For us it's tennis, cubscouts, brownies, dance class and drama. Happy blogging to you!

  2. I am now following your blog from #UBP11. I have a boy and a girl also. My husband coaches my son's soccer team and I send out all the emails to the team. I alwo enjoy making memories. Love it.
    Feel free to follow me.

  3. Saweeet! My plan was always to have a daycare in my home but an unexpected job postponed that. Hopping by for the UBP - have a great party!

  4. Hi, I'm Rachel! Stopping in for the party! I'm a new Twitter following of yours, as well.

    Beautiful family! So great that you have a little boy's boy and a little princess!

    Hope to see you over at


  5. Hi stopping by from the UBP. I could never run a daycare, I don't think i would have enough patience, it takes a ton of patience i think to run a daycare:)


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