Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I broke a sunbathing rule...

I wasn't trying to, I swear.  As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure you could say I broke a rule, since I technically wasn't even sunbathing, I just happened to be out in the sun.

Direct sun that is, right at mid-day.  (Isn't that the time of day you are suppose to avoid long term sun exposure, or at least wear sunscreen?)  Yeah, double strikes for me!

I was in the sun for 2 hours on Sunday, watching the athlete's baseball game.  It was a gorgeous day.  Lots of sun, lots of wind, (so you didn't  feel all that sun beating down on you), and some great company.  My friend Sarah happened to be there.  She had a similar experience that day, you can read all about it on her blog over at  In the Trenches of Mommyhood.

We chatted happily throughout the game and it wasn't until a few hours later that my lips started to feel chapped and I went to itch my nose and it hurt like a son of a B when I scratched it.  I looked in the mirror at my silly self.  A shiny red nose and ghastly white raccoon eyes from wearing ridiculously large sunglasses the entire time.

I didn't realize just how awful these sunglasses were until seeing them in this picture.  I can promise you I will be shopping for some new ones this weekend.

This is me, the next morning.  The burn on my nose isn't as obvious as it actually was, thanks to my amazing cover up job I did and my makeup from Laura Mercier.  If you haven't tried it, do so, you won't be disappointed.  Please direct your attention to the lovely white spot above my nose, and the outline of my sunglasses bridging out from there across my cheeks.  It's quite amusing in person, I promise you.

I did this to myself last year on vacation and came home with a nose that looked like the scarecrow's from the Wizard of Oz
The Scarecrow (Wizard of Oz) No matter what I did, it lasted all summer and I looked like a meatball the entire month of August.  It took most of last fall for my tan to fade and my nose to go back to it's natural color.  Looks like I'm screwed until next fall again.

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