Thursday, April 7, 2011

One night in Cancun...

In high school I was known as the sweet, innocent, good girl.  I never, I mean never, did stuff wrong!  I didn't drink, I didn't smoke or do drugs, I didn't even mess around with boys.  (I had a major fear of STD's!)

My major flaw?  I had a stubborn streak from hell and a mouth that wouldn't quit!  (Just ask my dad!)  Looking back on my younger years, it's pretty much the only thing that got me in trouble.  I just never knew when to Shut Up!  

When I went to college I tested the waters a bit.  I experimented with drinking, and started going to the college parties, but my core being never really changed.   I didn't try drugs, I didn't sleep around, I did drink, but I did it responsibly.  (Well except maybe for the beginning of freshman year when I experienced a hang over for the first time after drinking a bottle of cheap ass straight vodka all night long.  Then proceeded to finish off the night in the dorm bathroom stall with my face in the porcelain goddess, retching so hard I thought I was gonna pull that sucker right out of the wall. 

After those first few months I learned my lesson.  Drink responsibly, have fun, know when to STOP.  I became known to all my friends on Towers 7 West, (yes you all know who you are!!!!),  as Mother Theresa.  I was the one who stopped drinking and remained level headed.  I kept track of all my friends who came to the party and made damn sure that every one of them came home with me, before some dirt bag could scoop them up and take them home.  Some of my friends would get the worst beer goggles on after a few cold ones.  On occasion some would even get angry with me when I would drag them off a guys lap and force them to come home!  However, once sober, they would come around and ended up thanking me for my good judgement.  

I was very lucky in college and was able to vacation on Spring break 3 out of my 4 years.  Twice to Daytona Beach and senior year my friends and I went to Cancun.  

Cancun was a friggin' scary place!   I remember sitting on the bus listening to the Spring break guide riffling off all the do's and mostly don'ts while there.  Do not go anywhere alone, do not walk the beach at night, do not talk to the local men, do not accept drinks from anyone you don't know, do not go to clubs that are not on the spring break list....  and the list when on.  Those are the ones I remember.  I was regretting my decision to come to Cancun by the time we got off the bus at our hotel.  I was waaaaaay out of my comfort zone! 

 I wanted to go home, but none of this seemed to bother the other girls I was with so I just went with the flow and kept my mouth shut. I did what I always did, went out, had a couple drinks, kept tabs on my friends, got them all home safely at the end of the night.

UNTIL THURSDAY NIGHT...  and yes, I still remember exactly what night is was some 13 years later!!!

Stupidity over came me and I decided before even leaving our hotel room that night, that this was the night I was going to throw caution to the wind and let loose.  It was somebody elses turn to look after me and get me home safely.  Damn it, I deserved to have a wild and crazy night! And party I did.  I don't even remember leaving the club that night.  I do remember falling off of the commuter bus on the way home because I jumped out the door before it had come to a complete stop and rolled onto the ground to safety, doing my best drunk imitation of one of Charlie's Angel's in the process.

One of my oldest friends from elementary school picked my ass up off the ground and got me home where I had a repeat performance with the porcelain goddess.  This time however, I put on quite a show for my roommates while I cried a miserable drunk cry because I missed my boyfriend, (who turned out to be the coach), at home so much.  I kept apologizing to them all for behaving so poorly, told them over and over how much I loved them all.   And what did they all do?

What any group of close friends would do.  They sat me in a chair and fed me plain Wonder bread, slice after slice, laughing their asses off and egging me on.  They took lots of pictures too so that in case I didn't remember the evening in the morning, it would be documented in a hundred or so photos to fondly look back on days, months, even years later.  I have such wonderful friends: said in wicked sarcastic tone.  Nothing like making the most of the moment.  When we all get together we still talk about that Spring Break trip, a lot of wild crazy stuff went down in Mexico.  But I won't throw them all under the bus!  

You all know who you are, and you all know what you did!   Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Growing up which one were you?

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  1. What a great story! Every "good girl" has to let loose every now and again. I have to say that I have always been that good girl and never strayed too much from it. Growing up with a Marine as a father, I didn't dare do anything bad! It really influenced the girl I became!


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