Monday, March 14, 2011

We grew from 2 to 3

This little lady wandered into our yard and our lives back in November.  We found her in our back yard at dusk.  She came right up to us and was so friendly.  We gave her food and water, which she scoffed down so fast it was obvious to me she hadn't eaten in a while.  I kept her in the garage over night with a nice warm blanket and took her to the vets the next day to see if she had a microchip in her and belonged to someone.

She didn't and she needed a good home.  We had her completely checked out and she was healthy other than a good infestation of fleas.  We brought her home, introduced her to the other fur babies and we named Luna.

Obviously she has made herself very comfortable here.

Have you ever seen a cat so relaxed?

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