Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A quick update

So after not being around for almost a year, I realized that the pictures of the kiddos in my header were outdated.  Children grow and change FAST and I needed some updated photos!  So wha-la!  My newly updated header.

This past weekend has been a blur.  I came down with a nasty chest cold, (so I thought).  I push threw it and go on about my day on Saturday, 3 hour retreat at the church with the princess for her 1st Communion, dentist appointment for me, and normal weekend cleaning.

Notice at about 12 noon the athlete not budging from the couch and not eating.  Warning bells go off in my mind.

By 5 the athlete is puking his brains out.  Proceed to stay up all night with him and his head in a bucket and start to feel my own stomach turn.  Ignore the feeling and keep on trucking.  By morning said feeling is no longer ignorable and I am down for the count in bed with the nasty bug.

Athlete seems to be doing better and has been downgraded from my bed to the couch.  Spend entire day on Sunday in misery, when I get a visit from the princess at 5 on Sunday night.  She too has been hit!  Spend the next 8 hours in bed with her and her head in a bucket, taking a few short breaks to visit the toilet myself for some much needed spewing.  (Visual image is gross I know!)

Cancel daycare for the following day assuming that none of us will be up and running and try to get some sleep.

Wake up Monday morning starving, with my head feeling like it's stuck in a vice.  Both kids are bouncing off the walls and exclaiming how wonderful they both feel.  (At least that's one less thing I have to deal with today.)

Sit my rear on the couch and try to take a few deep breaths and send myself into a coughing fit so hard I practically pee my pants.  Chest cold has turned into a nasty bout with my asthma.  Must call doctor.   Go to the kitchen to take all my inhalers and notice Charlotte my lovely little grey kitty is soaking wet.  This is not good!

Open basement door all the way and see what I was dreading.  The entire basement flooded due to the heavy rains throughout the night and all the snow melt we have had.  Our brand new sump pump decided not to turn on during the night and we now have 2-3 inches of water in our basement.  (Rock on!)

Let the coach go down and soak himself, unsticking the float which makes the pump work and say " I''ll deal with that mess later."  Spend the day cleaning, disinfecting, bathing children, doing umpteen million loads of laundry and trying to dry out the basement.  All this being done while I continue to suck on my inhalers, cough and wheeze all day.

Finally get to the doctors today where I'm told, "you sound like crap"

"Yes I know, thank you very much"  I reply.  "I need to be on Prednisone."   He gives me a nebulizer treatment in the office checks my pulse ox, listens to me again and then tells me what I already know.

"You need a course of steroids."  He gives me prescription and off I go.  Now here I am, finishing the day, getting the kids to finish their makeup work from yesterday plus today's work.  Cooking dinner and getting ready for the athlete's soccer game at 5:15pm.

Thank God daycare ended early today!  Bring on tomorrow baby!

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  1. Holy Cow! You have exhausted me from just reading what a day in the life of you is like...you're one tough cookie, that's for sure! Amazing, impressive and wow...is what you need to remind yourself each day (about yourself):P)

    Just stopping by to say hello from The Blog Frog. You have a wonderfully put together blog...very creative, original and can't wait to come back and check out more! Oh, and I'm also now a proud new follower of yours and you're welcome to stop by at my blog anytime, the door's always open.

    Many thx,


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