Friday, January 1, 2010

What's a little miscommunication?

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry I have been M.I.A. for so long. Too much to do over the last two weeks and nowhere near enough time to get it all done. So the blog unfortunately suffered a bit.

I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and everyone is safe and healthy!

Here is a crazy rundown of how things have been around here in beenoland and maybe you'll have some sympathy for me and not be aggravated that I haven't been around!!

Six days before Christmas my mom called to tell me she fell off the back steps and broke her arm/shoulder. Fabulous!!

Three days before Christmas we had to have a chat with the athlete because he was asking so many questions about Santa and doing it in front of the princess. We were pretty sure he knew about Santa and didn't want him to ruin it for his sister so we sat him down and told him the truth, (expecting to confirm for him what he already thought), much to our surprise, the athlete broke down in tears and admitted he had know doubt in his mind that Santa was IN FACT real, and was asking so many questions to prove the kids wrong at school. (PRECIOUS!!!! I just ruined Christmas for my son and 3 days before no less. Not one of my stellar mom moments, to say the least!) Spent the rest of that morning feeling guilty as hell and trying to make him see the brighter side of being in on the secret of Santa.

A day before Christmas, a headlight blew in the van and my check engine light came on.

Got through Christmas ok, started work on the athlete's room. (I am stripping the wall paper and painting in a red, white, and blue theme, per his request), when at 8pm that night both children started complaining of stomach pains. Put them to bed and at 10pm began the endless night of helping both of them throw up in buckets, then rinsing, sanitizing each bucket, washing my hands, and repeating this charade until 5am the following morning. Sat on the couch all day with a very sick little girl and lost an entire day of working upstairs on the athlete's room.

Now for the best part! Prior to the kids getting sick, the coach and I went to Home Depot to buy a new pedestal sink and slam proof toilet seat to go in our downstairs bathroom, (special, I know!!), so any way, we get home and the coach proceeds to rip out the old vanity to put the new sink in. I leave him to it and go upstairs to prime the bedroom.

Twenty minutes or so later I get a knock on the bedroom door." It's the coach, "Hey hon, can you come here for a minute I need your opinion on something."

So I go downstairs to see what he is talking about. I turn the corner and stop short about 2 feet from the bathroom door and gasp and whisper under my breath, "Sweet Jesus, what have you done??????!!!!!"

The coach in his infinite wisdom decided it was necessary to start ripping of the tile on the bathroom walls behind where the pedestal sink was going to go. Now let me explain something. WE JUST FINISHED A FULL KITCHEN REMODEL LESS THAN A MONTH AGO!!!!!!!!

We had agreed no more major remodeling projects for a while!!! We have been living here for a little over three years and there has been a room remodel going on since we bought the place. I wanted a break!!

What is his explanation? "We had a miscommunication." Ya think??

So needless to say, my downstairs bathroom is completely gutted right now and it needs to be functional by Monday morning when my daycare opens back up!!

Precious right?

I thought you would all get a kick out of this!! I don't see the humor in it yet but maybe in a year or two I'll look back on this and chuckle. We'll see!!

So for now, I must get back to my crazy life and try to finish my husband's little miscommunication!!

I'll be back, I promise!


  1. You really have been busy!

    Happy New Year!

  2. You definitely have my sympathy! Hope you get everything put back together and that 2010 is a lot less eventful!! Happy New Year!

  3. goodness gracious, when it rains it pours vomit and tile. wishes for an amazing, healthy and remodel free new year.

  4. Someone get this lady a bubble bath, latte, box of chocolates, and a massage, STAT!

    This would be a good time for someone to give you flowers I think. :) Hang in there!


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