Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who says The Polar Express is only a movie!!

I threw out a teaser about our suprise Friday night adventure for our kids in my last post, and without further ado... here is a photo recap of our night!! Our family, along with the Coach's brother and sister's families planned a night for our children that they will never forget!! It was our version of the Polar Express!!!

The tickets were made and given to each child in a sparkling gold envelope.

Jingle bell necklaces were made for each child to wear.

The train conducter was ready at the door to punch everyone's tickets!

The shock value was PRICELESS!!

Starting to put the pieces together!

Our Polar Express Arrives!

Very nice accomodations! Individual goody bags waiting inside! Christmas music blasting!

There first glimpse at what awaits them!

Jingle bell necklaces on, candy to be eaten, hot cocoa to be sipped!

Let the good times begin!!!

Arriving at our destination! Bundled up and ready to explore!

Taking it all in!

Magic carousel ride and all!!

Lights all around you!


Aaaahh, sippin hot cocoa with the cousins, warming up before heading back home on the Polar Express!!

What a fun-filled adventure! A night to remember!!


  1. What a great idea! I always want to get a bunch of kids together to see lights and that is the perfect way! I just may steal that next year

  2. Wow - that looks like SUCH FUN!!!

  3. wow! what an amazing experience. the picture of your shocked little girl was priceless. you thought of every detail. happy holidays.


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