Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brand new socks gets you nowhere

You know you need to slow down and take a few minutes for yourself when something like this happens.

It's a sharp slap in the face, wake-up call that screams "You have bitten off more than you can chew. You need to slow down and start to focus on yourself more, instead of always putting others and their issues at the front of the line".

What exactly happened today that made me realize just how insane my life has become lately? I'll tell ya:

I had my first physical therapy appointment today because I have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my right foot. After months of agony every morning and every evening, I finally went to see my doctor who told me what was wrong and informed me that I had an aggravated case by not getting it taken care of sooner. (This was the first wake-up call that I let roll of my back and chalked it up to being too busy as a wife, mother, and holding down a full-time job to boot.) Doctor also told me I needed to start physical therapy because I let it go on for so long.

So jump to today, my first of many appointments with the male physical therapist, whom I found out tonight not only lives in my town, but is friends with some of the same friends as mine, and has a daughter in the same grade/school as mine. Marvelous, you'll see why in a second.

So I arrive after an exhausting day of work, (I had five children today, one being a new 12week old infant and this being his first day here. That alone takes a lot out of you!) I had no make-up on, a stained sweatshirt and I'll be honest here, desperately needing an upper lip wax. Sorry but my downstairs bathroom has been demolished and I can't find my tub of wax anywhere!!!

I did manage to have one moment of clarity before leaving home and remembered to change my socks and put on a fresh, brand new pair instead of the smelly ones I had been wearing all day since 6:00am this morning. (Yes folks, I am being brutally honest here.)

I sit down on the table and when asked to remove my shoes, do so without any hesitation and feeling confident about my non-stinky feet and stark white cotton socks. No problem here. He pokes and prods and asks a few questions.
Then he asks me to get down from the table because he wants to observe how I walk. Again I think, "Piece of cake."

Until, he asks me to roll up my jeans.

At that moment I freeze and think to myself, "Oh Shit, I didn't shave my legs this morning! And before you think to yourself, "Oh big deal, what's a little leg stubble", I must confess, that I can't even remember the last time I shaved my legs. Oh wait yes I can, it was almost two weeks ago when I went in to see my doctor about the damn pain in my foot!!!!!!

I had to reveal to this poor man stark white, dry as a bone legs with dark black hair jutting out from every angle. And not only did he have to view this monstrosity, he had to touch them. Uugggghh! I have pity for that poor man.

I sat there thinking, "do I acknowledge blatent hair or not", but then decided I couldn't let this man think that this was acceptable and normal to me, so it would be better to bite the bullet and apologize for such poor hygiene and admit that I forgot to shave my damn legs.

He laughed. I laughed, more out of embarrassment than actually thinking the scenario was comical and felt somewhat relieved that I had addressed the elephant in the room.

And yes, I felt like a complete ass. Never in my life have I forgotten to make myself presentable on the day of an appointment. If anything I usually over groom, just in case they ask to see some unexpected part of my body that I didn't anticipate.

This my friends is the wake-up call I needed. Too bad though it didn't happen with a complete stranger that I never have to see again in my life. It's just my luck that I will continue to run into this man, in town, at school, at soccer games or gymnastics even. I will forever be known as the hairy leg lady in town.

Yeah, that's priceless, and it totally overshadowed my moment taking off my shoes and revealing my sparkling white, brand new, non-stinky socks.

What a bummer.


  1. I'm sure he's seen worse!

    I went to a gyno appointment and then found out that night that he was the father of one of the girls on the soccer team that my husband coached. He was sitting right in front of me, on the bleachers.

    When he turned around, I was so embarrassed- a few hours earlier, he'd been down there in the same area...and I'd been nakid.

    But, nice to see you at the soccer game!

  2. holy crap, shell, that is AWKKKWARRD to say the least. theresa the same thing happened to me when i went to do acupuncture. i had no idea that he would ask me to roll up my pants. it is mortifying.

  3. Lol! I wouldn't worry about it. He'll probably never give it another thought. You are (more than likely) not the first person to come to him for physical therapy with hairy legs:)

  4. It's like when I went to the dermatologist, all SHAVEN AND CLEAN so she could take off the mole right under my armpit; little did I know my organic deoderant (with tea tree oil) MAKES MY ARMPITS PEEL!

    OH GAG! I was so embarrassed! Doctors need special awards, or at least they are a hoot at dinner parties!

    Stopping by from SITS...see ya around bloggy world!!

  5. Funny! When I am pregnant there is no shaving there or up high - those last few mortifying appts are just that mortifying! I feel your pain. But i am with the commentors who say he'll never remember!

  6. I know exactl how you feel! I do the same thing - but I'm trying to get my act together!

    However, I want to know what you're going to do about your foot problem. I have it too and am putting off going to the dr. I've started exercising again since the big move and started a weight loss problem which I hope will help, but PLEASE send me an e-mail with any tips! (And when I do break down and go to the Dr. I'll make sure I share and buff my legs before I go - LOL)


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