Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Elf on a shelf.... Beenomom style

Here at our home we start preparing for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. The coach and I love to celebrate the holidays and we also enjoy the yearly traditions that go along with it. Some we've grown up with and passed on to our own children. Others we've created ourselves or learned about over the years.

Ever heard of The Elf on the Shelf? Well if you haven't, climb out from under that rock you've been living under and see what I'm talking about!! (If this is new to you, don't feel bad. We didn't know about this either, so we created our own version years ago thanks to a friend of ours who did this at her home!)

These delightful little things are our Gnomies!!!

Gnomie 1

Gnomie 2

One belongs to each child. Don't ask me which one is which because I have no idea! The kids both know who's is whose though!! And they never forget, year after year.
The story behind these tiny little dolls is this:

Santa has a special group of elves called Gnomies. They fly down from the North Pole weeks before Christmas. (It takes a long time for these buggers to fly you know! They can only go so fast!)

Every year they magically appear in our Christmas tree the night after it's been decorated. They usually rest there for a day or two because they are really tired after their long trip here!

Once they are fully rested those Gnomies start getting really tricky! They begin to fly around the house and hide in a new spot when you're not looking! It's their favorite game- hide and seek!

The Gnomies stay and play tricks almost the entire month of December! There are only a couple rules the children must follow if they want their Gnomies to stay...

Rule #1 No Touching the Gnomies. They don't like it and will fly home immediatlely if they are touched by human hands!!

Rule #2 You must be on your best behavior because they can and will report back to Santa if there is any monkey business going on while they visit! So be on your best behavior!!

Follow those simple rules and your Gnomies will stay and play right up until Christmas Eve when Santa picks them up from your house when he delivers his presents. (After all, why make the poor little Gnomies fly all the way home to the North Pole if Santa is gonna be there anyway, right?) So don't forget to say goodbye until next year to them before going to bed on Christmas Eve!!

Want the Gnomies to come to your house? It's easy. All you have to do is send $19.95 to Beenomom, through Paypal. (Just Kidding!!!!!!)

Seriously though, tell your children that you will contact Santa and request a Gnomie for each of your children. It's that simple. Santa only sends them out to the children whose parents ask for them!! (Hint, hint!! This helps explain why some children have them and some children don't. It also makes it possible for any children to get them!!)

Now go out there and get yourself some Gnomies!!!!


  1. I have been hearing (and seeing) this and I think I am going to have to hop on board!

  2. So cute! I've seen these things, but can't seem to get my act together this year and do anything. I really need to stop being such a Christmas slacker.

  3. I was just introduced to these scary little creatures over the weekend, when one friend bought one for another friend's son's first birthday party (still following here?). I think they're both terrifying (that face!) and brilliant all at once. I do feel like I've been living under a rock, though, because *everybody* else at the party knew what they were except for me.



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