Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just what the doctor ordered

I'm baaaaaack!!!!

Did ya miss me??

If not that's really ok with me. After all my life is not all that fascinating!! But I must tell you my weekend kid free with the coach was just what the doctor ordered this holiday season!! It was fantabulous!! The calm and quiet of the house was quite odd at first, but I got used to it very quickly! Our plans changed a little bit, but we still thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Here's a quick run down...

Friday night after dropping the kids off we drove home and decided to go back out and catch a movie. We went to a 9:30pm show!! I can not tell you the last time I went to a movie that late. (To tell you the truth I was seriously debating not going for fear of falling asleep in the theater!! After all I had spent the entire day looking after a 7month old, 13month old, 2,3,4, and 5 year old!!)

But we went anyway. Ate some really expensive, really terrible movie theater food for dinner. And, we paired that with a really awful movie with acting so bad, it was worse than having a tooth pulled at the dentist, without pain medication. Yee-haa!! (We saw New Moon in case any of you care to know.)

Saturday was a lot of fun. We got some much needed Christmas shopping done for the kids and enjoyed walking around the mall and simply browsing the stores. (Which we are never able to do with the kids in tow!) We went out to dinner together Saturday night, I splurged and ordered a watermelon margarita! (Oh my God, it was to die for!!) We came home and enjoyed the peace and quiet, finalized our shopping list for the holidays and slept in the next morning before picking up the kids.

All in all, it was quite an enjoyable weekend. Even if we had no plans and just stayed home, we would have had a ball just being alone as a couple. We do not do this nearly enough for ourselves!!

We have a lot going on over the next two days. We have concocted quite a fun evening for our children and their 6 cousins tomorrow night. A lot of time and planning has gone into this evening and we have managed to keep the whole thing a surprise, which is even better!! I will tell you all about it on Saturday and include pics from the evening so stay tuned!! I have butterflies of excitement floating around in my tummy just thinking about the looks on my kids faces and how much fun they are in for tomorrow night. I think it will be a night they will remember always!!!

Stay tuned!


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! So relaxing to be able to have a weekend without kids!

  2. Sounds like a blast! i am afraid my hubby and i would not know what to do with 2 days to ourselves but i would love the opportunity to find out!

    as for your secret night for the kids HOW DARE YOU TEMPT ME LIKE THAT! I am now DYING to know....


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