Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Car conversations and words of wisdom...

Normally driving around in the car with my two children is not a pleasant experience.  They both fight for my attention and want to discuss all things philosophical, (for some reason when we get in the car they become very inquisitive.  One on one I enjoy a car ride with either of my kids but me alone with both of them spells disaster!)  When they aren't bombarding me with questions they spend their time pissing each other off.   Either way I spend most of my time as a referee and concentrating on driving them around safely.

Occasionally I get rare moments of peace and casual conversation between the athlete and the princess.  Moments like last night.  I simply sat listening to them talk with a smile on my face trying not to laugh as the athlete passed on some important insights and words of wisdom to his little sister.

It began with the princess telling me a story of how "so and so" asked  "so and so" out and he said yes, so now they are "going out".  (On a side note, we are talking about 8 and 9 year olds here!)  I replied to her that at her age boys and girls do not belong "going out", that they are too young.  Boys and girls should be friends and concentrate on school.

This is where the athlete piped up and I just sat there and listened.

The athlete:   "Princess you are too young to have a boyfriend.  When you're my age you can"  (Another side note, the athlete is 11!)  You have to be in middle school or it isn't real."

He pauses for a minute and then reconsiders:  "Well actually, Dad probably won't let you have a boyfriend at my age."

The princess in a shocked tone:  "WHY?"

The athlete:   "Well because Dads tend to let their boys do things earlier than they let their girls."

The princess even louder:  "WHY?"

The athlete:  "Well because they just feel different about their girls then they do their boys.  Boys can have a girlfriend and it just slips by them but with their girls they say no to a lot more.  Dad's don't want their girls to have a boyfriend till their like 14 or 15, right mom?"


Now I find myself in the hot spot.  I'm trying so hard not to laugh at this point because I find it so funny that the athlete has clued in on how protective their father is over princess and even funnier that she is getting pissed about this double standard as she learns more and more about it!  My answer to them both?

"Well yeah, you're both kinda right.",  hoping to diffuse the situation a little.

Before I could say anything more, the princess infuriated now, blurted out:   "WELL I'M NOT HIS WIFE!!!!!  HE CAN'T TELL ME THAT!!!"

I lost it then and laughed so hard I had my diet coke coming out my nose.  And I thought silently to myself, I can see the future now, and boy oh boy is it gonna be a bumpy ride!  She thinks I'm the tough one now, but   I can't wait  for the tables to turn and she goes toe to toe with her Dad!!

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