Friday, May 6, 2011

He nailed it...

Update from this post yesterday.

The parents got to go in  to school this morning to view all the 5th graders project boards for the Interest Fair and see if they won a ribbon from the judging yesterday.  They all were judged on their presentations and based on that as well as their boards and their essays,  they had a chance of winning a ribbon.

We walked into his class and there was the athlete standing so proud and tall with a huge crap-eating grin on his face and pointing to his "honorable mention" ribbon hanging from the top of his board.


The teachers all told me he was amazing during his oral presentation and was able to answer any question thrown at him.

 I am one super thrilled and proud mama today!  Every time I think about it and see his little face in this picture,  I can't stop smiling!!  It's moments like these that make the craziness of the last few weeks ALL WORTH IT!!

Here he is at school today.  He was so happy to receive a blue honorable mention ribbon!  He was even sporting his Jimmy Fund pin on his shirt!

His completed project and awards

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