Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Vacation Week Recap...

Our vacation week was suppose to kick off with a bang.  A trip to Disney on Ice on Friday night, the 17th but with a hectic work day for the coach and a migraine for me, we decided to forgo the event.  The princess handled it impressively and earned some bonus points in my book for being so flexible and understanding.  If this had been an event geared towards the athlete he would have flipped his lid and made our night a living hell.

Thankfully we had another blogger event to attend on Monday afternoon.  The whole family made the trek into Cambridge to preview the new Playstation Vita hand held video gaming system before it was available to the general public.  The athlete of course was pumped.

Let me apologize in advance for the crappy cell phone pics.  I never remembered to grab my good camera the entire week.

The new PS VITA

The princess could have cared less but when she found out another family from town was going and her partner in crime was attending, she was all for it!

The athlete got to play video games and hang out with a friend from school.  Double bonus!

This was also the first vacation week where both kids spent the entire week hanging out/playing/having sleepovers with their friends.  It was a whirlwind of a week for me.  Keeping track of who was where, who was coming over, and when I needed to pick someone up.  All while running the daycare at the same time.  It was exhausting but so worth it to see my kids having so much fun on vacation week.

The athlete also entered a dodge ball tournament and put a team together to compete against other middle school teams. Friday was the big day.  Luckily I only had one daycare child that day and she was a peach!  She loved sitting on the bleachers and cheering the athlete and his teammates on.

The boys made it to the finals after three undefeated rounds.  It was a double elimination tournament.  In the finals they played the oldest team there.  They lost the first game but were victorious in the second game clinching victory!

Here they are posing after the games proudly proclaiming their number one status.  

They had a blast and I had so much fun watching and cheering them on.  I learned something that day too.  I am a LOUD mouth!  When watching my kids participate in anything of a competitive nature, I can't help but yell and cheer at the top of my lungs!  Thank God they don't care that I do this because I don't think I could stop myself if I wanted to.  It's just something that takes over.  It doesn't help that I usually have my partner in crime sitting right next to me doing exactly the same thing!  You know who you are!

Saturday, the princess attended a Pump it Up birthday party.  We have been to many of these.   But never a glow in the dark Pump it Up party.  This was a first.  Think blasting music, dark room, glow in the dark necklaces around everyone's necks, and disco balls flashing colored lights and spinning all around the room.  I was nauseous and had a mega headache by the time we left the psychedelic arena and entered the room for cake and ice cream.  Not my idea of a good time, but I sucked it up like a good mom.

It's hard to tell in this picture but here is princess flying down the giant slide in the dark.  You can sort of make her out at the bottom.  See the neon necklace around her neck?  `

And finally what vacation isn't complete without a trip the to the emergency room?  On Sunday the princess was hit with a violent stomach bug.  She missed a double header soccer game that she had been so excited to play in and was really disappointed earlier in the day.   As she continued to get sicker by the hour, she stopped caring about missing the games and only wanted relieve from the nonstop stomach pains she had. 

By 5pm that night she had thrown up 15 times and was showing no signs of stopping.  She was listless, not talking at all, just tiny little groans and whimpers were escaping.  We made the decision to bring her in before it got any later and she dehydrated any more.  Several hours later after a dose of Zofran, a popsicle and juice, the princess came back to life.   We were home by 9:45pm.  She was asleep as was the rest of my family. I unfortunately was wired from the ordeal and the medium ice coffee I consumed while we waited might have played a part in that as well!  I put her to bed and sat in our quiet living room watching what was left of the Oscars.

Here she was before bouncing back to life.  Such a poor pitiful little thing.  I felt terrible for her.  Retching over and over like that non stop takes a lot out of a little girl.  

I did end up taking Monday off to make sure the princess had plenty of time to recuperate.  Which ended up being time for me to rest up a little as well after a long, crazy, fun-filled vacation week.  I'm good to go now.  Bring on April vacation, with lots more adventures, more fun,  including  another dodge ball tournament to defend their title,  and while I'm at it,

NO ER visits please.

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