Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hot cocoa anyone?

I love me a good cup of hot cocoa.  It's one of the many holiday traditions that we have. 

We decorate the tree and drink hot cocoa.

We go to the Santa parade and we buy hot cocoa at Dunkin Donuts beforehand.

Every year when we watch the Polar Express for the first time? 

You guessed it.  We drink hot cocoa.

You could say it's a staple here in our house starting in December and carrying through the cold winter months as well. This year it's been even better because the athlete can make it for himself and his sister using the microwave.  A little milk or water in a mug, (I don't use water in mine.  I think it's nasty that way!)  A packet of your favorite hot cocoa mix, give it a stir and you're good to go.

Yesterday afternoon I promised the kids they could both have a cup as a treat after they finished their homework.  I made some for the princess and when the athlete finished he quickly went right to work in the kitchen making his own. 

"Mmmmmm, yummy", he declared as he carried his own mug into the livingroom.  "Hot cocoa is so much better with milk than water."  (For some reason he has always insisted on making his with water instead of milk.  Apparently he decided to take my word for it and give milk a shot.)  "I tried to tell you", I said with a smug little smile on my face. 

Moments later I went to the kitchen feeling a little victorious over the fact that the athlete decided to try something I had suggested.  He's at that age when he thinks he knows everything and God forbid his mother suggests something.   Normally his response is an automatic no. Just because it came from me.

My smile quickly faded when I saw this:

Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture. 

Yes, that is MILK in my Keurig machine.  The athlete replaced the water with milk in the holding tank and brewed himself a delicious cup of hot cocoa, thanks to the fabulous suggestion of his mother.  It took me 11 brew cycles to flush the Keurig and stop getting a gray mixture of milk and water out of my expensive coffee machine.

Me and my big mouth.  I should have just let him stick with water and leave well enough alone.  Lesson learned.


  1. Oh no! That is a funny story. My kids love to make hot cocoa with the keurig, luckily they just pour a little milk in afer the cocoa is brewed!

  2. Dying laughing! (and note to self: keep boys away from Keurig!)


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