Thursday, July 12, 2012

The incident...

The time was:  4pm Thursday, July 12th, 2012

The scene:  Princess's bedroom.  More specifically her door leading into the upstairs hallway.

First sign of trouble:  Heard a faint cry from the princess from her room that she was stuck and her door wouldn't open.  Don't think much of it and continue with phone conversation with best friend.

Second sign of trouble:  The athlete calling me from the hallway to let me know that her door really won't open.  Start to think she might really be stuck and vaguely remember yesterday when her door was briefly stuck shut.  Wonder if we might have a problem on our hands.  Go upstairs to investigate.

First realization that we do in fact have a situation on our hands:  Twist door knob half-heartedly expecting it to just pop open.  Door doesn't budge.  Try a few more times with a little more elbow grease... nothing.

First sign of major panic from princess:  Within minutes of realizing even super mom can't seem to get the door to budge.

First sign mom is getting majorly pissed off:  Looks at clock and realizes she has to cancel her chiropractor appointment scheduled in 5 minutes and may possible have to reschedule the athletes physical for 6pm if this shit don't budge!!!!!

First sign this situation is becoming more serious:  Mom gathers her break out tools...

First sign mom realizes she might not get this blasted door open after all:  She decides to call the coach at work and ask him what the hell to do.

First sign mom is desperate and acting like an ass:  She puts on a sneaker and tries to kick the door down several times, to no avail.  She only succeeds in hurting the bottom of her foot.

First sign mom is a hero:  After 20 minutes of unsuccessful and foolish attempts and busting it open, suddenly she hears metal upon metal as the screwdriver gets jammed inbetween the door frame and door.  And, voila!    Mom hears a soft click and door magically swings open.

And now for the damage sustained during Operation Break Free:

It's only minor and totally fixable right??

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