Monday, August 22, 2011

My very own "Bindi, the Nature Girl"...

While mowing the lawn on Saturday the coach found this fascinating creature in the back yard.

(Praying Mantis)

I quickly scooped him up and saved him from his inevitable death by lawn mower and then I did what I always do when we find something alive.  I bring to our children for two reasons.  First,  to scare the bejeezus out of the athlete, who simply detests bugs with every fiber in his being and will "freak the freak out" like nobody's business.  ( I simply show them to him, but the coach always has to take it a step further and chase him around the house and yard torturing the poor child.  I know it's cruel, but it's just so damn funny to see him scream and run like a mass murder is after him!  He always laughs afterwards, so I don't feel that bad!)  

After we have had our fun with him, we bring it to our princess who is simply fascinated by all things living.  She adores them all.  She has no fear of them, with an exception to bees and spiders.  But if she is told it won't hurt her then she's all for it.  As you can see here:

(Such a brave little soul)

She has a mothering instinct about her and loves whatever little creature she finds from the minute she spies it.


Even when things get a little too close for comfort, she keeps her cool and waits for help.  In this case the little bugger, (pun intended), scooted right up on her face and into her hair while I was taking this picture.  His clingy long legs made it  hard to get him untangled.  I was afraid I was going to either squish his belly or pull off a leg!

(You can see in her eyes, she is starting to get nervous here, but she stayed perfectly still.)

I managed to untangle him and then we decided it was best to put him back where he belonged, in the great outdoors.  The princess came with me and picked out a suitable home for him, which happened to be a huge pine tree, and we let him free.  He stuck out like a sore thumb, and all I could would picture was a bird coming down and swooping him up for a snack!

I just love this about her.  Her love for creatures big and small and her brave and bold personality.

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  1. She is so sweet and oh my goodness - a spitting image of you!!


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