Wednesday, July 20, 2011

T-minus 3 days and counting...

Three days that is until my family and I leave for our second annual trip up to Sebago Lake in Maine.  The kids have been counting down the days since the first of July, the coach is excited and in desperate need of a vacation, and me, I'm excited too but I have also been completely stressed to the max.  This happens every single time we go away and with just cause.

What I do to prepare for a vacation:

Start the mental planning and prep in my head two weeks before and compile written packing lists about a week before.  The lists include:
the athlete
the princess
medications;  with two asthmatics, two children, and two adults, this list is never ending.  My motto:  better to be safe than sorry, so I include everything but the kitchen sink in this category.
beach gear
Finally, the list of what I still need to buy

After the lists are made, run around in between working full time, summer baseball, and sleepovers making sure we have everything we need.

Then I arrange for a pet sitter for my three fur babies and two pet rats.  I write out explicit instructions for the pet sitter, and make sure they all have have enough food, litter, and necessities for the week.  (I am a little psycho in this department, I actually worry about my kitties while we are away.  I have two who hate each other and don't know what they'll do to the other while we're away,  and two escape artists.  I'm always scared to death they are gonna get out when the sitter comes to check on them and we won't get them back.)

Another thing I usually freak out over:  The car, our mode of transportation.  Every year I make sure to have it fully checked out, the oil changed, tire pressure checked, and all fluids topped off. This all has to be done at least a week before, just in case something goes wrong.  This way I have a week to drive it around and make sure nothing got screwed up when they worked on it.   (My father owns his own auto repair business and I have inherited his super cautious tendencies.)  This year I didn't have to stress quite so much because we bought a brand new car back in April.  An oil change and check of the tires was all that needed to be done.

Another task of mine, clean the house like and obsessive compulsive crazy woman.  A huge pet peeve of mine is leaving a messy home and coming home to clutter.  If I'm going away for a week, then I want to return to a sparkling clean home.  Therefore, all bedrooms must be neat and tidy, all bathrooms immaculate, all trash removed from our home so there is no funky smell when we step inside.

All laundry must be kept up during the week or else I won't be able to pack clean clothes for a family of four. This ends up being at least 1 to 2 loads per day for 7 days prior to departure.  This may seem like the norm for some families, but I dread laundry and usually end up putting it off several days at a time.

Watch kids like a hawk to make sure no illnesses are brewing.  Take them for a sick visit if need be.  Again, may seem like I've now become super neurotic but after the summer of sickness we've had, I'm not taking any chances.  I have one asthmatic child recovering from pneumonia and another who has had back to back strep throat infections.  Again, NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES.

Also kid related:  deal with the ever building, day by day excitement of two crazy kids.  Break up fights, and balance keeping them somewhat busy so no one kills each other with not over doing it so they end up sick on  vacation.

Finally organize our finances, pay bills, balance check book accounts so everything is in order while we are away.

What the coach has to do to pack for vacation:

The morning of departure, grab a duffel bag, throw a couple hand fulls of his clothes in it and load the car.

Aint that the way.

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