Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I just can't win...

Maybe it comes with the territory as a mom, I don't know.  I don't care.  Lately I can't catch a break around here.  I just can't win.

I could bust my butt cleaning my home long after they are asleep so my children could reside in a neat and tidy home, with their rooms always clean, their clothes always washed, dried, and put away neatly.

I could shop religiously once a week and make special trips to the store when we run out of their favorite cereals or snacks to keep them happy.

I could work a 10 hour a day job, 5 days a week, sacrificing my home and sometimes my sanity to be able to be home for them after school and provide all the extras in life that this job allows for.

I could shower my children day in and day out with almost, their every desire.

Wait a minute, I already do that.  Silly me!

And after all that, they still find something to complain about.  They still ask for more.  They still complain that I should have done more.

Case in point:  I decided to buy Taylor Swift tickets for the princess for her birthday this month.  I bought them months ago and I have secretly kept them hidden.  I spent a small fortune on these 2 tickets, one for her and one for me.  (I thought it would be something special for the two of us to do together.)  I have kept my excitement in check and been able to keep them hidden all this time and finally the coach says last night, "Lets give her her birthday present a couple weeks early. I just can't wait anymore."  So fine, I break out the envelope and present it to her.  I'm thrilled too.  I can't wait to see her reaction!

She opens them up, sees that they are Taylor Swift tickets and then asks if her best friend can go.  I tell her no, there are only 2 tickets and they are for her and I.  She says "Kaylee and I will see you after the concert." and smiles a fresh little smile.

I didn't get a "thanks mom!"  followed by a great big hug.  I got a look of disappointment.  Then got slammed even harder when she asks her father if he will order her a diamond for her birthday!

Yes you read right, a freakin' diamond!!

She has been into rocks and crystals lately and spends much of her free time digging in the dirt collecting pretty stones, hoping one will be a diamond. Since she hasn't found one yet, she has been begging the coach to buy her one.  (That's the twisted way my kids think!  Well I want it so you should get if for me.)  I guess this is our fault and we might need to reevaluate our parenting beliefs a bit in order to correct this negative behavior of theirs.

The coach actually had to tell her to say thank you to me and give me a hug which meant jack crap as far as I'm concerned.  If you have to ask for it, then it doesn't count or mean a thing to me.  I even kind of pouted the remainder of the night.  I have to admit my feelings were hurt, whether it was deliberate or not.  That was NOT the reaction I was expecting out of her.  I wanted to sell those stupid tickets right then and there and turn around and tell her she was now getting nothing for her birthday.

But, I know I won't.  And maybe that right there is the root of all this.  I want to take her.  I want to have a good time with her.  I want her to have fun with me too!  I am so torn.

When do children learn to appreciate all that parents give and sacrifice for them?  Is it not till they have grown into adults and are parenting their own children, that the light bulb finally goes off?  I'm just feeling unappreciated lately and a little down in the dumps.

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  1. They learn appreciate you when they have kids of their own who they want to strangle. Suddenly they'll realize you were right all along.

  2. It does stink getting excited about something you want to give someone & not get the reaction you'd like...Ive felt like that with the hubby, shoot even my 3 year old!
    Im not sure how old your daughter is, but Im sure she appreciates you & the things you do. I realized quickly once I moved out how much my mom did for me & had a better understanding as to why she was sometimes stressed more days than others.

  3. Oh and after you tried so hard to get her something special. :( I think it's just kids, though. I wasn't very appreciative of things when I was a kid.

  4. I'm so sorry she reacted that way! I do have to agree with the others though - I think it's just kids. I can remember one Christmas my mom told me she wanted to slap me because she didn't think I acted appreciative enough about my presents...and I probably didn't. Hopefully she'll grow out of it sooner than later!

    And P.S. Tell her the second ticket is yours, not Kaylee's!

  5. Perhaps not having a lot of money is a blessing in disguise (one income as I stay home). We've never been able to give our kids all the "stuff" they see other kids have. No DS game machine, no backyard climbing structure, no swimming pool, no trips to Disney, no toy everytime we are at the mall, and Christmas is not about 4 feet deep and wide gifts around the tree. Oh, don't get me wrong....many days I wish I could do that for them, but then, yeah -- they probably wouldn't appreciate what they Do have. Our special things have always been activities - usually free ones! LOL
    Although....I am a ways away from the teen years yet...so they probably don't notice as much yet. A box of Timbits and a bike ride to the park can still make them happy! I am hoping we are laying a good foundation, but only time will tell.

  6. I've often thought that nobody has the power to hurt us like our kids. We do so much for them, and they just won't or can't appreciate it yet.
    I say you take a friend to see Taylor Swift and give the little turkey a fake diamond ring! LOL (Kidding....sort of!)


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