Friday, March 19, 2010

The view from here




This is what I get to see when I look out the front windows of my home and directly across the street. This my friends is what the people left in the home almost two years ago. They took anything of value with them and skipped town, leaving the property to be forclosed on.

This mind you, is what is left AFTER workers have spent three days hauling pickup truck loads of crap away!!!

Why in God's name the bank didn't just rent a 30 yard dumpster to put this mess into is beyond me. Maybe they left it sitting in the front yard in hopes the neighbors might want to scavenge through the mounds of junk for treasures!

(Ah, no don't think so!)

I wonder how long I will have this for my viewing pleasure.


  1. Oh, that is terrible! I hope it goes away very soon!!

  2. i have no words for banks who could be bringing in money by renting the property or cleaning it up in a respectable fashion.


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